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Barely fit in hand: Poland set an unusual record thanks to hail

The largest documented hail of identified science was found in Poland – its diagonal size reached 13.5 cm.

This was reported on Facebook by the society Skywarn Polska (Polish storm hunters).

To perceive how huge the hailstone is in dimension, Ms Magdalena Cecotka who discovered it took a photograph with a ruler to measure the size. 

As it turned out, it was the biggest hailstone ever seen in Poland.

According to the girl, through the hail, she noticed even bigger hailstones. However, for security causes, she didn’t dare to choose them throughout unhealthy climate, so she selected the one which was nearer.

Skywarn Polska famous: the photograph exhibits that the hailstone was 14.5 cm lengthy diagonally. 

However, taking into consideration the potential error within the European Severe Weather Database (ESWD), its size was indicated as 13.5 cm.

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