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Car Battery Restoration At Home Safely [Step-by-Step Guide]

Hey there! Are you trying to restore your outdated batteries? Or DIY battery reconditioning course of? Battery restoration at house is kind of a straightforward affair and it doesn’t want any sort of technical abilities or information. However, you could take sufficient safety, because the battery answer is acidic and it could possibly trigger burn damage if you’re not cautious sufficient.

Now you could ask us ‘is it worth the effort?’ The reply is “Yes!” A typical automotive battery lasts for round 5 years, and after that, it begins to lose its energy. Result? You purchase a brand new battery and the outdated one goes to the landfill. On the opposite hand, reconditioning batteries can prevent fairly a couple of bucks and it additionally lowers the variety of outdated batteries thrown into the setting.

Additionally, if you’re trying to begin a secondary revenue route, then you possibly can even begin a enterprise of refurbished automotive batteries. These refurbished batteries are seeing fairly a little bit of demand these days, simply Google ‘refurbished batteries on the market close to me and see the consequence.

So, sufficient of all these Gyan! Now let’s simply begin our journey to reconditioning a battery.

Why Car Battery Recondition is Needed?

Reconditioning batteries mainly seek advice from the method of rejuvenating outdated batteries, which will increase the capability of the outdated worn-out batteries and helps them to carry a cost for longer. So, by no means throw outdated batteries into landfills, when you possibly can nonetheless recondition them as much as 3 times.

And not just for automobiles, if we glance round us a lot of the digital gadgets are operated by battery. Starting proper from the alarm clocks, cellphones, laptops, headphones, distant controls, automobiles, bikes, and so on. Now you could ask ‘are all the batteries the same?’ the reply could be, ‘No! not all the batteries are the same.’ Currently, we’ve got NiCad, Lithium-ion, NiMH, and lead-acid batteries.

However, for all these sorts of batteries, reconditioning is a good way to avoid wasting bucks and to reuse them. So, let’s dig deeper as a way to know tips on how to do a battery restoration at house.


Benefits of Battery Restoration at Home

With time every battery loses its juice, and after a sure time period, your outdated battery will not be environment friendly sufficient to start out your automotive or doing all of your every day work. Once your battery is broken, you may have two choices, one is to purchase a brand new battery or the second is to recondition a batteryReconditioning batteries generally is a superb possibility to avoid wasting cash in case your battery shouldn’t be severely broken.

So, the benefits of battery restoration at house are;

i)  By reconditioning batteries, it can save you an honest sum of money. Refurbished batteries can prevent round 25-50% of the retail price of a brand new automotive battery. The common price of a brand new battery is round $75-$100.

ii) Battery restoration at house can be good for our mom nature. As battery restoring can scale back the variety of pollution thrown into landfills. Batteries typically encompass acidic options, which damages the setting massively.  

iii) Lastly, by reconditioning batteries you possibly can acquire an important information to start out a automotive battery reconditioning enterprise. This enterprise wants very much less capital and you’ll count on first rate returns from it.

How to Do a Car Battery Restoration at Home

After all of the discussions about DIY battery reconditioning, now we are going to talk about the step-by-step information to automotive battery restoration at house. Just hold a factor in thoughts, reconditioning batteries shouldn’t be a giant job, however you’ll want to take some further precautions as batteries encompass acidic options, which additionally include lead and may trigger burn accidents.

Things you’ll want to recondition a battery

1) Mask

2) Disposable rubber gloves

3) Goggles

4) A battery charger

5) Flathead screwdriver

6) Distilled water (3.7 liters)

7) Baking powder

8) Bucket

9) Toothbrush

10)  A battery terminal cleaner

11) One Apron


The Procedure of Reconditioning Batteries

i) Firstly, use a wrench to take away the battery from the automotive. Before beginning to recondition a battery, put on all of the protecting gear to guard your self from any unintentional acid spill. Always attempt to work in a well-ventilated space and hold any open flames away from that space.

ii) In the second step of automotive battery restoration at house, put together a paste-like answer of baking soda and water with the ratio of two:1 as a way to take away the corrosion on the battery terminal. Now get a toothbrush and dip it into the answer and rub it in opposition to the corroded terminal. Slowly you’ll see the discount of corrosion. You also can use sandpaper grit or metal wool in case of laborious corrosion.

iii) After eradicating the corrosion, use your voltmeter to measure the volt studying of the weak battery. If the studying is anyplace between 10V-12.6V then your battery must be reconditioned. Remember, to attach the pink wire to the optimistic terminal and the black wire to the destructive terminal.

iv) In the fourth step of automotive battery restoration at house, you’ll want to take away the battery caps utilizing a screwdriver. And then pour all of the outdated electrocyte answer of the battery right into a non-metallic container.

v) In the fifth step of automotive battery restoration at house, you’ll want to put together an answer based mostly on Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and distilled water. Mix 120gms of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) in 1 liter of distilled water, and blend properly till your entire Epsom salt will get dissolved. Now refill every cell with the newly made answer and shut the caps. Don’t use faucet water, as it could include dangerous chemical substances for the batteries.

vi) In order to do a automotive battery restoration at house, now you need to recharge the newly reconditioned battery with a 3-phase sensible charger which is about to 12 volts. Now cost the refurbished battery in a single day.

vii) Turn off the charger within the morning and join the battery to the automotive and ensure that all of the cables are securely mounted.

Now full your entire course of by disconnecting the battery and charging it to the brim utilizing the sensible charger as soon as every week for 2 to 3 weeks for higher outcomes.

So, this was the step-by-step information to revive automotive batteries at house. We hope, that we’ve got shared much-needed particulars relating to reconditioning batteries and their benefits.

If you need to know extra about reconditioning outdated batteries you possibly can go to EZ Battery Reconditioning for more information. You can go for numerous versatile programs, which is able to assist you understand the method of reconditioning completely different sorts of batteries.

We perceive that you just may need some questions associated to automotive battery restoration at house. So, we’ve got created some FAQs for you;

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Frequently Asked Questions About Battery Restoration at Home

Q1. Is Overcharging a automotive battery dangerous?

Certainly! Overcharging could be very dangerous on your battery. Overcharging can kill a battery.

Q2. What ought to be the everyday studying of a totally charged 12V battery?

A completely charged 12V battery ought to present no less than 12.6V or larger.

Q3. How lengthy a reconditioned battery works?

Normally a reconditioned battery lasts for 1-3 years. However, it’s a bit troublesome to guess the precise time.

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