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Expert reveals how long it takes to become infected with the Delta strain

Earlier, as a way to turn out to be contaminated with coronavirus, it was essential to contact a sick individual for not less than quarter-hour, however now the improved model of SARS-COV-2 often called Delta variant takes solely few seconds to make one contaminated.

For an infection with the Delta coronavirus pressure, solely 5-10 seconds are sufficient. If you might be subsequent to an contaminated individual throughout this time, then there’s a excessive chance of contracting COVID-19 with the chance of a extreme course. 

This was said by the chief specialist of the Ministry of Health on epidemiology, Doctor of Medical Sciences, epidemiologist Natalya Vinograd throughout an interview.

She famous that the Delta pressure is at present the No. 1 drawback on the stage of the World Health Organization.

“The virus has several characteristics that are not good from the point of view of medicine. First, it significantly increases its contagiousness. That is, if we previously needed 15 minutes or more to be near a person who was infected, so that we could be involved in the epidemic process, today 5 to 10 seconds are enough – and everyone around the infected person will have a sufficient infectious dose and a high risk of infection,” Vinograd mentioned.

She additionally famous that the delta pressure actually escapes the immune response. 

This implies that those that are vaccinated and who’ve recovered will nonetheless stay vulnerable to an infection, however they’ll carry it in a milder type.

Earlier, the WHO called the Delta strain the most infectious of all coronavirus strains. It has already been recognized in half the nations of the world.

Photo by SAEED KHAN / AFP) (Photo by SAEED KHAN/AFP by way of Getty Images

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