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My Friend’s Facebook Account Hacked

One of my friends recently had their Facebook account hacked. They were very lucky that it only happened on a friend of a friend, and that the hacker didn’t have personal data on them like credit cards or bank accounts. Still, their personal data and private information got taking. Thankfully, I learned how to recover their Facebook data so that they can contact law enforcement to file a police report and restore their privacy.


My friend is a hobbyist painter. Last week he went to an art show and got his picture taken by a photographer. He never told me that he used a Facebook program to get his picture taken and that he was using that program to make more paintings. He just said that he enjoyed meeting new people and taking pictures.


Last week he went on his typical Sunday trip to church, catching his first football game ever. A few minutes after he finished his game, he realized that one of his accounts had been hacked. It was his Facebook page.


My friend was able to contact law enforcement because one of his grandchildren found it interesting that his account had been hacked. The hacker had gained access to his contact information as well as his grandchildren’s contact information. He just wanted to check in on them to see if everything was okay. My friend’s grandchildren are only five years old.


My friend was very upset. He phoned his friend’s mother and the two spoke for almost an hour. They managed to resolve the problem really quick. My friend has his security system turned off at his computer because he is worried that if he turned it on he might let anyone in. He is also getting a virus scanner, an email program that will deliver his emails to his email address and a program that will alert him whenever there is a new message on his Facebook page.


My friend is still in complete shock over what has happened. I am as much scared for him as he is for me. I have never met this person personally. He has never told me anything about his personal life. But his friends have told him that he should change his password on his account’s because every time he changes it, the hackers to gain access.


The best thing my friend did was call law enforcement. He found out that one of his friend’s friends had done it and paid the maximum fine. The judge who was hearing the case said that he should be glad that his friend’s friends had gotten in touch with authorities because without contacting them sooner, his friend’s account would have been hacked. My friend’s friends told him that they too had been hacked. He is now nervous whenever he leaves his home. He is afraid that one of his accounts could have been hacked because of his weak password.


Law enforcement has told him to change his password on all his accounts. They advised him not to use his birthday or any other special date. They also advised him not to share his email id or any personal information such as his SSN on Facebook. All these measures have helped my friend’s account.


However, the situation has turned out to be worse for my friend. Recently, a hacker managed to open up his bank account. He got hold of his financial details and transferred funds to another account. Now, his credit rating is down and he has to cancel cards which he uses often. His car is parked in a garage because of the fear of getting robbed.


He is still in the process of rebuilding his life but he is scared that his account may be hacked again. He wants to return the money that he paid to the hackers. My friend is not an only one who has a bad experience with Facebook. Thousands of people have lost their personal data like their bank account numbers, email addresses and passwords.


This can happen to anyone irrespective of the age, gender or location. This is why it is very important to protect your Facebook account from hackers by installing the recommended anti-malware program called “Google Alert”. This is the best way to keep track of your friend’s online activities. Whenever you notice any change in your friend’s account, you will be able to inform them immediately. You can even warn your friend’s friends about the scam happening at Facebook.

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