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The dangers of sleeping with wet hair

Who doesn’t prefer to take a calming bathe earlier than going to sleep? 

However, not drying your hair earlier than mattress doesn’t simply injury your hair. It also can trigger sure well being issues.

Humidity causes a sudden change in physique temperature, one thing that may trigger complications and elevated muscle rigidity within the neck. Wrapping it in a towel may even irritate the issue, as the material retains moisture for longer.

Going to sleep with moist hair also can trigger dandruff for the reason that Malassezia fungus – which lives on our scalp and is the most typical explanation for this dysfunction – begins to breed extra shortly in humid situations.

This unhealthy behavior additionally dries and weakens our hair, and likewise reduces its elasticity. Hair absorbs massive quantities of water and “swells or becomes overhydrated”, whereas “the cuticle dilates and leaves the pores open. This makes it more fragile against any harmful external agent”, explains trichologist David Saceda. It additionally alters the pH, so your scalp can grow to be greasy.

Finally, adjustments in physique temperature can set off allergy symptoms and colds, as they weaken our immune system. While any pathogen has an incubation interval, going to sleep with moist hair accelerates the onset of signs.

But what are you able to do to keep away from the adverse results of going to mattress with out drying your hair? 

Hair well being specialists advocate:

  • wringing your hair out earlier than you get out of the bathe
  • rub it gently with a cotton towel
  • detangle it with a large tooth comb

And if in case you have opted for the hairdryer, it’s best to make use of it at medium temperature, as a result of at excessive temperatures, the water contained in the hair shaft can boil and create bubbles that break it.

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